The Mechanics of the Game of Life

The past comes to visit every year on the 23rd and the 25th. play(“Scrooge”);
But the future is unwritten, except by those who have lived it. play(“Back to the Future”);

There’s a reason sequels have zombies in them play(“Crackdown”);, the 2nd part in a series introduces you to a new world, a world of possibilities if you have kept your torch light lit play(“Dungeons and Dragons”);.

It is your responsibility to determine what is important in this game of life, whether it be currency gathering, collecting information from NPCs, attempting to make decisions or pursuing a romantic sub-plot, the later being my case. I have made mistakes in the past, investing emotions into women when I had one who loved me. I can’t apply logic to these cases because they involved a fair bit of magic play.cast();, but I can in my defence, say that I did not touch them physically aside from making contact with one of their arms while posing for a photo. And that felt like touching a corpse.

It has me thinking, how do we rescue the future generations from romantic torment? I believe you do learn something important after having your heart broken, because you enter a phase in your life where you are learning about being alone and improving upon past mistakes. If I had any advice, I would recommend collecting information and searching for, in others, the person you desire to find play(“ICQ”);. But do not fall in to the trap of thinking you can install software on new hardware and have it run the same as before, each human being is unique and filled with memories that guide them.

Have you ever played “Broken Telephone” in school? Well, it’s a game designed by players in the real world that you will understand once you enter a level of maturity that allows you to understand the mechanics of the game of life. There are powers to collect play(“Marvel”); and people to guide. It is very difficult to make up with someone if they have been driven in to someone else’s arms play(“Rebound”);, or given up on finding love and have become a zombie corpse play(“2+”); play(“Walking Dead”);. Some people can do it, and do it successfully, and have fun, but I am not one of those individuals.

Investing your points too heavily into one area of the game makes you…well it makes you who you are. Your personal and professional life matters, in that dichotomy I believe it’s best to have a good personal life play(“RPG”); and your professional career might take a back seat, because of the torch you carry within you. Unfortunately if you make too many sacrifices in your personal life, especially when it comes to love and your body, you may have to invest elsewhere. Those are the mechanics as I see them.

Now, there are people who can have it all a great professional career and a great personal life. Yes! They do exist, but these are the rarest types of players, who have been guided and motivated properly. I know of one, a computer expert who works in the Public sector, in education. play(“Guess Who”);

TLDR; Do not trash your personal life, or your professional one, try to achieve a balance.

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