T10 LED roundup and winner

Since seeing the interior of Jordan’s Batmobile glowing blue I have been on a quest to get the best (brightest) Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights for the car… yep.

Well, turns out my dome light sports a T10 bulb so that’s what I went out and bought. You can find a large selection on eBay, but Station 28 (and one other store) at Pacific Mall has what you need immediately without having to wait for shipping.

Here are the three bulbs I purchased and tried (no performance measurements taken, just a simple qualitative comparison with a biological bias, in that, I used my eyes):

T10 LED 1

T10 LED 2

T10 LED 3

The brightest of the T10 LED lights I tried was the Controller Area Network bus (CAN bus) Wedge lights which emit a powerful glow that fills the interior of the car. But you will need some clearance to account for the length of the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) the LEDs (and other interesting hardware) are mounted on.

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