mousemove event (jQuery)

Here is a little script that allows an element with the id “follow” to follow the mouse cursor:

  // Displays the mouse x and y coordinates inside #mouseposition.
  $("#mouseposition").html("x:"+event.pageX+", y:"+event.pageY+"."); 
  // #follow must have absolute positioning.
  $("#follow").css("left", event.pageX);
  $("#follow").css("top", event.pageY);

Othello Book Cover Design

Othello Book Cover Design

Othello Book Cover Design

This is a book cover concept I did for the William Shakespeare play Othello. It features a silhouette of Othello revealed in blood. I broke some conventions when creating the spine, but I think it works well as a graphic piece.

Email form processing via PHP

Here is a PHP script that sends an email from an HTML form (submitted via POST):

 * email form processor
 * form contains: email, subject, message.
 * email is sent from
  $message="email sent from ip address: "
  . "\nmessage: " 
  . $_POST["message"];

  mail($email, $subject, $message, "From:".$from);

(α)lpha (6) (c)arbon

(α)lpha (6) (c)arbon cover for The Mars Volta RAMROD tapes.

(α)lpha (6) (c)arbon cover for The Mars Volta RAMROD tapes.

This is a cover concept I did called αlpha 6(atomic number) carbon for The Mars Volta RAMROD tapes. I took this project on myself, seeing an opportunity to use design ideas I had after listening to the tapes. I was reviewing organic chemistry at the time. The alpha carbon is the first carbon atom attached to a functional group. Each track was a different functional group. The symbols are reminiscent of organic molecules, but modified to be obfuscated.

Hello world!

I have set up this WordPress site while learning Web Development. I have a PHP redirect in the root (/) folder of my site. It looks like this: