I like Star Wars too.

Lately, people have been dropping clues and hints, cards as I call them, for me and I’m not certain why I didn’t know about this game sooner.

They made a believer out of me, and I’m collecting more information every day through the internet and through social networks. Unfortunately, the data I’m able to gather is limited in nature. So far finally understanding that I am truly not alone here on this planet.

I used to wander this play(“Lonely Planet”); alone (hasn’t left the city in almost 8 years) and live a very extroverted lifeā€”not in the sense that you might think, however. To me, an extrovert is someone who is overly obsessed with others, looking at people outside themselves for guidance and role modelling. This is not the same as the dictionary definition.

It got so bad that Facebook turned into a battleground.

Now I’m realizing that, you can find anyone, anywhere, if you use the Force, play(“Star Wars);.

There is one special person I’m looking for, and I am finding her everyday. Unfortunately I can’t seem to physically locate her, not knowing whether she is in New York or Texas this time of the year. find(“Karen”); Even then, what would she think if I just showed up after so many years, and told her I still love her, and that I look for her everyday? And that when I find her, it’s the best part of my day.

I understand now, what a proposal is and what it means to believe. If only I had started saving for a ring sooner, and saved her ring size to my iCloud.

May the Force be with you, and may you love someone always.

Your #1 Fan,

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