The Vagaries of Time

I’ll be sharing this at the April 20, 2017 Literary Conclave (a Stormwind University weekly public event on Wyrmrest Accord-US). Part I: Drowning was co-written with Caniell Lyca (Bailey).


Part I: Drowning

What does it take for wishes to come true?

What clears your sky to brightest blue?

On a journey always living in someone’s shade

Hoping your dreams won’t be unmade

Sirens sing to you from the deep dark sea

Taunting your hopes for all you could be

Keep the light in your eyes, do not let it dim

You’re starting to sink, I beg you to swim

Advice is offered, but your heart contradicting screams

Why must it be so difficult to follow your dreams?

I lived all my life trying to be tough

The vagabond loner who never held on tightly enough

The person I see is not the one that you know

How can you live with what mirrors will show


Part II: Descent

Lost your mind long before your hair turned grey

You looked to others to show you the way

Got off the train to finally see the tracks

Trying hard not to focus on what your life lacks

Remember feeling two hearts beating together

As I wandered this life you became my tether

Suffering is supposed to be caused by being attached

But the happiness it brought me hasn’t been matched

Who’s at the center of your universe?

Finding out it’s an other couldn’t be worse

So I continue to wander alone and write thus

Admiring the architecture and beauty around us

All the tears don’t show on your stoic face

With all its pain, happiness and heavenly grace