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T10 LED roundup and winner

Since seeing the interior of Jordan’s Batmobile glowing blue I have been on a quest to get the best (brightest) Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights for the car… yep.

Well, turns out my dome light sports a T10 bulb so that’s what I went out and bought. You can find a large selection on eBay, but Station 28 (and one other store) at Pacific Mall has what you need immediately without having to wait for shipping.

Here are the three bulbs I purchased and tried (no performance measurements taken, just a simple qualitative comparison with a biological bias, in that, I used my eyes):

T10 LED 1

T10 LED 2

T10 LED 3

The brightest of the T10 LED lights I tried was the Controller Area Network bus (CAN bus) Wedge lights which emit a powerful glow that fills the interior of the car. But you will need some clearance to account for the length of the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) the LEDs (and other interesting hardware) are mounted on.

Sudoku for the terminal… a hobby begins™.

This is a Sudoku application for the terminal that I coded many years ago when I became interested in video game development. My friend Asim gave me tips and pointers along the way. This code exists inside a time capsule, as development froze when I was forced to play the game of life. That, is a euphemism.




Dear Relic Entertainment/SEGA,

I had an idea…

The polar ice caps have melted causing people to migrate to higher elevations, living almost exclusively in the mountains, the few remaining humans live to sustain their way of life.

Ecco awakes in the middle of the night, the stars twinkling in the sky and reflecting on the surface of the ocean covering Manhattan. S/he calls out for his/her pod only to find s/he is alone. Unexpectedly the darkness answers back…

This is the introduction to a hypothetical remake of Ecco the Dolphin. Ecco is heard calling out to his/her pod, waiting for a response, but there is only silence until the darkness finally answers back.

Ecco swims around New York City looking for his/her lost pod, but they are nowhere to be found, instead Ecco is strangely drawn towards a crystal in the water that communicates with him/her and gives Ecco a prophetic vision which is indiscernible at the time. All that can be understood at the time is “Follow the setting star.”

Ecco heads west and is comes into contact with the human military in a helicopter, and is shot at with tranquilizer darts while swimming. The darts cut through the water leaving behind trails as they are slowed by friction and sink harmlessly to the continental floor. Ecco escapes, but not before being tagged with a geo-locator. For what sinister purpose are they trying to capture a dolphin?

(This escape may or may not involve diving off of a waterfall and brief helicopter chase.)

Ecco survives by eating the abundant fish now swimming across the continent of North America, but there is a conflict of some kind that brings Ecco into contact with the military again— i.e. a geographical trap or rough terrain, an illness, etc. S/he is captured and brought to the now flooded Bay Area.

Here we are introduced to a human group of survivors, highly militarized and in control of energy, transportation, and food in a self-sustaining community. Ecco discovers s/he is no longer alone, there are other dolphins here—albeit they are military rescue dolphins which have been implanted with technology and wear collars that allow them to communicate with human beings wirelessly. They each have their own unique voice, names, and live like captive pets.

Ecco regales them with the story of his/her missing pod and the strange crystal found in New York. The squad relays the information to the human survivors and it is revealed that they are aware of the location of another crystal near a fault off the coast of California.

So begins the story of Ecco the Dolphin: Drowned Signs.